Monday, 13 July 2009

Harrod's Sandwich Counter

Think of Harrod's Food Hall and the first thing that springs to mind is probably caviar, foie gras and quails' eggs, our imagined staple-foodstuffs of the moneyed classes, being sold at sky-high prices to Belgravia dowagers and cooks from the nearby embassies. Not so; the Food Halls (to give them their correct title) offer everything from the most basic such as tins of Heinz Baked Beans, to the most luxe - caviar is indeed present at £270/100g of Beluga - via everything conceivable in between, at prices not always much dearer than at less grand corner shops than this. One real surprise however is that for all that Knightsbridge is awash with the usual line-up of Prets, Eats and Starbucks, the Food Halls are also the best place around for a filling, and believe it or not cheap, lunchtime sandwich.

Hidden away in the grocery section at the periphery of the labyrynthine Food Halls, just before they end and become perfumery, there's a sandwich counter offering a vast array of fresh treats with a good couple of dozen combinations of fillings and breads from a classic ham and cheese croissant to the fancy-pants crayfish club. The display is mouth-watering, with fillings rising in abundant mounds from the the rolls, baguettes and ciabattas which struggle to contain them; there's invariably a queue but this being Harrod's, it is managed with impeccable panache by the boatered staff.

Best of all though are the prices; with the exception of some of the most elaborate seafood options, nothing's north of four quid. My baguette of prawns in Marie Rose creme fraiche came in at just £3.50 and was bursting with huge, juicy prawns in just the right amount of light, dill-scented sauce. Another we tried, the club torpedo at £3.95, was abundant with chicken and bacon and oozing with an indulgent but not excessive amount of good fresh mayonnaise. Both were far superior to anything I'd ever eaten at the same price from, say, Upper Crust, while also being considerably more upper class.

So, next time you're in or around SW1 and fancy a substantial snack at an easy-to-swallow price, bypass the chains and head for Harrod's sandwich counter - a little bit of luxury you can afford!

Harrod's, 87-135 Brompton Road, London SW1X 7XL Tel: 020 7730 1234

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